Trade Technologies provides patented software and services that accelerate the creation and delivery of complex letter of credit and other trade documentation. Our customers are consistently paid faster and more reliably with lower overhead costs.

Global Exporters

Accelerate creation and delivery of accurate trade documents for faster payment

Asia-Direct Imports

Automate document creation and delivery from Asia to North American and European retailers

Trade Banks

Receive digital letter of credit and Direct Import open account documents for examination

Freight Forwarders

Deliver better service by outsourcing your customers' letter of credit and banking needs
We combine cutting-edge technology, trade documentation experts, and best-in-class processes to improve visibility into the financial supply chain. We process over $10 billion in global transactions per year. Learn what we can offer »

Upcoming Events:

Webinar: Incoterms 2020 Advanced – What you need to know to protect your business.
May 11, 2021

Learn how to control risk by using the correct Incoterm. In this webinar module, Jon Walden will deliver a more detailed and advanced session about the 11 Incoterms. You will learn about the main changes incorporated in the 2020 version, the relationship between Incoterms and transit insurance, which Incoterms are appropriate for your business and how to cover your risk more efficiently. This webinar will include a case study.

Overview of the UCP 600: What Every Exporter Must Know
May 12, 2021

This webinar will introduce you to the UCP 600, the universally accepted standard rules for using Letters of Credit.

Webinar: Brexit - What you need to know about the new requirements from 1st July 2021
June 08, 2021

Are you confused by the new Brexit requirements terminology? And are you ready for the end of the facilitation period in July, after which full and timely customs declarations will be required?
The end of the Brexit transition period brings new responsibilities and procedures for UK and EU businesses when trading goods with each other under the terms of the Free Trade Agreement. This includes the need for customs import and export declarations, the rules and declaration of origin in relation to tariff free trade, treatment of sensitive goods, such as SPS and mutual recognition of AEO accreditations. Road haulage operations and business travel will also be considered as will the agreement by both the UK and EU to fully follow the terms of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.
The 'grace period' for EU customs declarations facilitations is very close and exporters and importers need to know their obligations.

Make sure you understand all the Brexit implications and that you are ready for the end of the facilitation period by joining this session!

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INCOTERMS 2020 and the Role of Contracts : What Every Exporter Must Know
June 16, 2021

This webinar will introduce you to INCOTERMS 2020, and the importance of how they interact with Letters of Credit.

Documentation and its Importance to the LC Process: What Every Exporter Must Know
June 23, 2021

This webinar will introduce you to why documentation is at the heart of getting paid when using Letters of Credit.

Discrepancies: What They Are, Why They Occur & How to Avoid Them
July 21, 2020

This webinar will introduce you to the Number 1 problem in the Letter of Credit space and what action you can take to minimize/avoid discrepancies so you can get paid faster with fewer hassles.